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“A delightfully wicked superhero parody. HITMAN without the faith in humanity.”
-Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, The Wicked + The Divine, Young Avengers)

“Great Comic. Extremely worth your lucre.”
-Si Spurrier (X-Men: Legacy, Six-Gun Gorilla, Cry Havoc)

“Turncoat is a scabrous and satirical look at the cape-eat-cape world of superheroes! Highly recommended!”
-Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, Archer & Armstrong, X-Men: Noir)

“A darkly slapstick romp through a fallen world of internecine super-failures.”
-Al Ewing (Iron Man, Judge Dredd, Mighty Avengers, The Ultimates)

Hysterical and resolutely British in its approach. The absurdity of superheroes laid bare through the lens of Monty Python.”
-Dan Watters (LIMBO, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls)

“By lovingly picking from your favorite super-hero tropes, Turncoat tells one of the funniest, and, yes, original stories you’ll read in comics all year.”
-Conor McCreery (Assassin’s Creed, Kill Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini)

“You remember that time when you were in the 8th grade and instead of cheering for Spider-Man, you realized that all of a sudden you wanted to kill him. Like, really kill him. For real he’d be dead with the blood and the gore? Now, I don’t know about you, but I grew out of the angsty phase later, but somewhere, in a dark corner of my soul, that 8th grader version of myself is just biding his time. But until such a time as he breaks free, dark-8th-grader-Andy will have Turncoat to read to keep him happy…. and hopefully in his cell.”
-Andy Schmidt (Former editor for Marvel & IDW. Editor-in-chief, Comic Experience)

“A riotous, irreverent battle royale with an impressive, excessive body count that would make Deadpool blush. Worth checking out!”
-Olly MacNamee, Bleeding Cool

“Why is TURNCOAT so good? Because it isn’t afraid to revel in the sameness from a plot perspective as many other comics we’ve seen since the dark age of comics was ushered in with the question “who watches the WATCHMEN?”
-Rob Patey, Aint It Cool News

“I seriously f*****g love this comic. It’s the kind of comic I wish I’d made. The story, the dialogue, and the characters are all spot on.”
-Vince Hunt, The Awesome Comics Podcast

“There are lots of alternate takes on super-heroes and parodies of the genre out there, I’ve read my fair share of them. Turncoat stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of them.”
-Bob Brettal, Comic Spectrum

“If you read comics you’re going to enjoy the takes on these characters. Had a very Comedia Dell’Arte feel.”

-Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider

“It’s rare to find a six-parter that continues to build on its strengths right up to the very last page, but Turncoat manages to pull it off. The story remains strong throughout. It never falters or loses its pace to become anything but a fun and engaging read.”
-Josh Sammons, A Place To Hang Your Cape

“If you are into funny books, especially ones that give a spin on the traditional stereotypes of the superhero industry, then this book is exactly what the doctor ordered. It had me hooked from the very beginning. I literally read all six issues of it in one sitting, which says a lot, coming from a guy who lets his comics pile up. Reading Turncoat, it did what all good narratives do: detached me from the here and now and took me on one hell of a journey.”
-William Henry Dvorak, Black Ship Books

“A great concept from writer O’Sullivan & artist Plaid Klaus. Sharp dialogue, a smart plot & some real humour blend together to give this a unique feel to it and that’s something the artwork helps emphasize even further.”
-Comics Anonymous

“One of the appeals of Turncoat is what the creators do with the superhero genre. The way [spoiler]’s treated in this comic is a big part of the appeal for me. It’s a similar idea to what Alan Moore did with Rorschach. He said “this is what happens when you do a batman in reality. You would go this nuts.” I think O’Sullivan and Klaus have taken a similar idea but played it out in a different way. Great stuff. Well worth checking out.”
-Derek Royal and Andy Kunka, Comics Alternative

“Told with a snarky, self aware, Mark Millar-esque sense of humour O’Sullivan manages to both poke fun at, and revel in, the world of superheroes and villains to create a really great post-modern superhero tale in the vein of Powers or The Losers.”
-Alex Thomas, Pipe Dream Comics